ACS was featured in

ACS was featured in

Posted by Amy Wood on May 13 2016, 12:05 AM

ACS was featured in

As I'm prepping for my largest class ever at CDA Anaheim, as well as secretly packing to surprise the kids by taking them with us to Anaheim for our first ever trip to Disneyland, my stress level is pretty high.  Then an email comes in from a lovely gentleman at asking if I might have time for an interview about my class on HIPAA and how it's different.  

My answer was easy.  Absolutely!  I'll make time for that!

Anyone that knows me also knows that I'm passionate about what I do and can talk someone's ear off about HIPAA in the dental field.  Tony was interested in not just what we are seeing and where those trends are leading, but also how easy it can be to embrace HIPAA compliance.  He wrote a wonderful article featuring my lecture at CDA. 

Read the article here at

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