Patching the MSP Way

Patching the MSP Way

Posted by Amy Wood on Apr 26 2016, 12:07 AM

Patching the MSP Way

I received the following email today:

"I found this post today on AADOM.  Just checking that this won't be an issue for us.

Just an FYI....there was a Microsoft update that was released April 13 that

has caused problems with Eaglesoft and Dentrix. In ES, it is causing

intermittent communication issues with the application database. You just

have to restart the database. My IT guy who works with several dental

offices around town said it has crippled some Dentrix systems. If you are

having issues, call your IT people."

What was referenced was a .net issue that pops up every couple of months.  We know about it and do security patches on a schedule to address it while ensuring compatibility.  This is a perfect example of how proactive managed services benefits practices.  

I'm willing to bet the IT guy mentioned in this post is a fee-for-service break/fix guy that only reacts to issues.  These problems are (mostly) preventable with proactive management.  A few years ago we went rogue and opted to deliver a service agreement based on security products that you need, instead of blocks of time.  This has led to a huge decrease in traditional help desk support since common problems are dealt with proactively.

I love seeing posts like this -- it reinforces that our security suite based service model is money well spent since practices don't experience down time or additional costs.

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