Patients Hacking Their Dentist's Wifi

Patients Hacking Their Dentist's Wifi

Posted by Amy Wood on Aug 3 2016, 11:43 PM

Patients Hacking Their Dentist's Wifi

As I'm scrolling through my Facebook feed last night I came across a colleague's re-post on dentists wifi and stopped to read it because I've been telling dentists for years that 90% of the offices I see have open wifi or easy to hack wifi.  In this post I see Twitter feeds of patients that had hacked into their dentist's network via their wifi.  Their patients are doing this!  What's worse is that the doctors have no clue.

There are two main problems here.  First, the insecurity of the wifi itself that allows access to the network and PHI.  Second is the IT guys that allow a situation like this, or worse, set it up like that! 

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