Scam Alert: ReportMyDr Phishing Email

Scam Alert: ReportMyDr Phishing Email

Posted by Amy wood on Jul 31 2018, 08:51 AM

Scam Alert: ReportMyDr Phishing Email

We became aware of an email phishing scam directed at licensed Dentists, Dental Assistants and Hygienists.  

MESSAGE looks like this:

Dr/Assistant/Hygienist Name

License Number:  XXXXXXXX

“You're receiving this email because a complaint has been initiated via our online portal by a user. The complaint was initiated but has not been submitted at this time. Note: Active [state here] dental providers must be accredited to receive complaint monitoring and notifications.


There are several things to be concerned about with this scam:

-Your license number is correctly listed in the email.  This information is relatively simple to get since it is publicly posted on state dental board websites for patients to search, but the fact that someone took the time to make a master list of name, license number and contact information leads me to believe that a master list for one or more of the entities housing this information may have been hacked.

-It's very official looking.  Since many state dental boards are moving to electronic communications, it would be assumed this is a legitimate communication.

-It is a classic case of targeted email phishing.  The 'lure' is that all of your details are in the email and the scammers have created a sense of urgency with the potential complaint against your license.  

Currently, both New Jersey and Florida dental communities have been hit hard with this scam.  We expect this to continue state by state.  

Stay vigilant, stay aware and stay secure.

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