Waiting Room Wi-Fi Access

Waiting Room Wi-Fi Access

Posted by Amy Wood on Jan 5 2016, 11:23 PM

Waiting Room Wi-Fi Access

Do you offer wireless internet (WiFi) to your patients or employees?  What may be a generous courtesy could be a risky liability if your wireless router isn't set up correctly.  

Having a password isn't enough.  Your network needs to be segmented properly to block access to your internal network.  

One of the first things we do during an evaluation is to look for a password in the waiting room.  A quick scan reveals the entire network.  A few minutes could easily gain access and/or a fully copy of the entire patient database.  9 out of 10 evaluations we do either don't have a password, or it's wide open beyond the password.  

Bottom line, lock up your network!  If you don't know how to do it - hire a professional.  We're fans of Dental Integrators Association members (www.dentalintegrators.org).  In full disclosure, we are founding members of this group, but all members are dental specific IT providers that know how to properly secure a network.

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