Have you ever been through a Data Breach? Ever been contacted by the Office of Civil Rights (the enforcement entity for HIPAA)?  Would you know what your rights and responsibilities are, should you have a breach? What is your first step? Whom would you call?

Imagine, for a moment, the worst happened; your organization had a breach of Protected Health Information (PHI). Your business, life, and livelihood have just been turned upside down, and you are entering the most stressful event you have known. The result of this breach investigation could easily cripple your business and your finances. So, what do you do?

Your attorney is a good call, but they will focus on the legal aspect of it. They know black and white, and a data breach investigation is the furthest thing from being that easy. You need guidance; someone who has been through investigations, someone who knows the process, and what is ahead.  You need someone who can wade through the details and specifics of what happened, how it will impact you, and what is expected moving forward.

This is where ACS comes in. Our team has helped many organizations through data breach investigations.  We know and can give you clarity as to what is going to happen and how you (and your organization) will survive a breach. ACS manages the entire process, from attorneys, computer forensics, and public relations, through patient, state, and federal agency notifications.  We help work through your corrective action plan and the problem that allowed the breach in the first place.

Could you get through the process without a mitigation specialist? You could, but it could mean the difference between a $1.5 million fine with jail time and no fines or jail time.  Which would you prefer?  We, at ACS, have “been there and done that,” utilize our experience in:

  • Healthcare Data Breaches
  • Dental Practice Data Breaches
  • Small Business Data Breaches
  • State and Federal Law
  • No “gotchas” to surprise you
  • Walking you through the process, so you know what to expect before it happens
  • Correcting vulnerabilities to prevent future breaches

ACS wants to give you the best possible outcome while minimizing the overall costs of the data breach investigation.