Business Associate Review

The Business Associate Agreement (BAA) Review is such a crucial step for the HIPAA Compliance aspect that we, at ACS, consider this a mini Risk Assessment.  Unfortunately, most people believe the simple act of signing a BAA, checks the box and covers them unconditionally.  However, to perform true due diligence for a BAA, you have to ask questions, work up an analysis, and build a profile. 

Someone else’s BAA won’t work for your needs; this is where ACS comes in.  We ask the tough questions you don’t know. We make sure the vendor is compliant with HIPAA for themselves internally.  Are they trained? Are they insured? Can they even abide by what the document provides for? Do they accept fiscal responsibility if they cause a breach?  In our years of reviewing Business Associates, we have found that most can’t comply with what is actually in the BAA or has a clause that relieves them of any fiscal accountability, even if it is their responsibility.

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