HIPAA Compliance Program

Have you ever tried to figure out what pieces you need to put your business on the path to HIPAA compliance?  Do you even know where to start? How about what is required for your size and scope versus what is recommended or what is not even necessary?

Sure, you could research it and try to piecemeal all the components together for your needs, but why?  Not when there is a comprehensive solution out there with interrelated concepts that overlap to make sure have a complete security blanket for your business? The other problem when piecemealing your HIPAA compliance solution is that it won’t get you through in the event of a breach.

ACS makes it easy for you, give us five hours of your life, and we will take care of the rest!

  • Risk Analysis and Risk Assessment
  • Business Associate Agreement Reviews
  • Training and CE Classes
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Contingency Plans
  • IT Security Services

ACS offers a white glove approach to your HIPAA Compliance.  We provide you with all the services and solutions you will need throughout the process.  If we advise you of your need for something, we will provide it to you.  Everything is customized and branded for your business.

Talk to our experts

Start your journey to compliance by directly interacting with our experts. With extensive years of experience in making dental practices HIPAA Compliant, we provide everything from start to finish to make you compliant, safe, secure, and confident against data breach. Look no further, begin your training today by scheduling a class with our experts!