Risk Analysis

In today’s healthcare world, it’s hard to imagine that one doesn’t know what a Security Risk Assessment is, or why it’s vital. However, did you know that the assessment is only 20% of the total Security Risk Analysis that is necessary?

At ACS we don’t just “check the box,” we ask questions to find out what you know about your own privacy, security, and technology. From this point, we can dive deeper and find out where your risks and vulnerabilities actually are. Then we provide a short and long-term remediation plan that is customized and attainable for your business.

ACS’ overall Security Risk Analysis of your business includes the Security Risk Assessment, Business Associate Agreement (BAA) Review as well as your Physical Security. The BAA is where the majority of vulnerabilities exists for small/midsize organizations. This is an essential aspect for any organization but especially those in the healthcare field. The physical security aspect ensures that your paperwork that is required is not only in place, but that our clients also understand what they can and cannot say or do. We help to guide our clients to know what permissions are required to do or say specific activities and to do so with privacy and security in mind.

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