Training & Continuing Education

If you don’t know what the law is (or how to understand and interpret it), how are you expected to comply? ACS not only knows what trainings you are required to attend but also provides them for you and your team.

ACS’ President, Amy Wood, is not only a HIPAA educator, Risk Assessor and Beach Mitigation Consultant; she is also certified to issue CEs by the Dental Board of California. Amy can take extremely dry and difficult to understand material and turn it into an education that is not only entertaining but also leaves you with immediate action items. All of the classes are easy to understand and executable.

For an organization not wholly ready to dive head first into HIPAA Compliance, training and education are a natural first step to gaining understanding and embracing compliance from your office. These training classes not only educate but they also help you to understand where your real threats are at that moment in time.

What people need to understand is that training allows you to keep up with the changing landscape of the security world, it keeps you up-to-date, and allows your business to grow and adapt. Some of the CE training courses we offer our clients are:

  • HIPAA Then & Now
  • HIPAA Deep Dive for Privacy Officers
  • Internet Hygiene & Cybersecurity: How to Identify & Avoid Infecting Your Practice
  • Technology Disaster Preparedness
  • HIPAA for Business Associates

Talk to our experts

Start your journey to compliance by directly interacting with our experts. With extensive years of experience in making dental practices HIPAA Compliant, we provide everything from start to finish to make you compliant, safe, secure, and confident against data breach. Look no further, begin your training today by scheduling a class with our experts!