What we do

We do a lot of things, but in short, we make dental practices HIPAA Compliant. Unlike many IT companies that address the techology or security aspects of HIPAA, and may dabble a bit in the Administrative requirements, ACS provides everything start to finish to make you truly compliant, safe, secure and confident against a data breach.

Healthcare IT Security & Support Services

Do you know all the state and federal regulations in IT that apply to the healthcare sector? Why would you? It’s not your ... Learn More

Data Breach Consulting & Mitigation

Have you ever been through a Data Breach? Ever been contacted by the Office of Civil Rights (the enforcement entity for HIPAA)? Would ... Learn More

IT Security & Support Services

IT Security and Support Services is another tool ACS provides and uses to help keep you not only compliant but secure, productive, and ... Learn More

Business Associate Review

The Business Associate Agreement (BAA) Review is such a crucial step for the HIPAA Compliance aspect that we, at ACS, consider this a ... Learn More

HIPAA Compliance Program

Have you ever tried to figure out what pieces you need to put your business on the path to HIPAA compliance? Do you ... Learn More

Risk Analysis

In today’s healthcare world, it’s hard to imagine that one doesn’t know what a Security Risk Assessment is, or why it’s vital. However, ... Learn More

Training & Continuing Education

If you don’t know what the law is (or how to understand and interpret it), how are you expected to comply? ACS not ... Learn More

Talk to our experts

Start your journey to compliance by directly interacting with our experts. With extensive years of experience in making dental practices HIPAA Compliant, we provide everything from start to finish to make you compliant, safe, secure, and confident against data breach. Look no further, begin your training today by scheduling a class with our experts!