About ACS Technologies LLC

ACS Technologies, LLC started in 2004 with Scott Wood wanting to provide better outcomes for local dentists in regards to their computer networks. His extensive networking and wireless broadband experience allowed him to address many of the issues dental practices experience to streamline their technology, leading to happy clients that refer colleagues. That same goal is true today as we navigate the complex world of HIPAA Compliance in a multi-faceted way, integrating IT Security & Service, with Education, Risk Assessments, Policies & Procedures and other documentation necessary to protect your valuable patient information.

Based in Santa Rosa, CA, ACS specializes in HIPAA Compliance and IT Security solutions for private dental and medical practices all over the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our Mission

ACS will provide the highest level of services to our clients in a friendly, caring, result-oriented atmostphere, adhering to the highest professional and ethical standards. We will strive to exceed the expectations of each and every client.

Our Values

Our primary goal is happy clients. Happy clients are our best referral source. Our most valuable asset is our team. We will never compromise security of patient data. We will strive constantly to improve our quality of service.

Our Philosophy

We are proactive. We understand that change is constant. Every problem as a opportunity to fine tune the system and make our company better. We believe improvement is a part of the process, and never ceases. Complaints are opprotunities to refine our systems and make another referral source.


Data Breaches for our Clients


Ransomware for our Clients


cybersecurity threats thwarted


patches applied daily

Talk to our experts

Start your journey to compliance by directly interacting with our experts. With extensive years of experience in making dental practices HIPAA Compliant, we provide everything from start to finish to make you compliant, safe, secure, and confident against data breach. Look no further, begin your training today by scheduling a class with our experts!