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Amy has always come through for us with high-quality lectures that explain all the cyber risks out there for healthcare professionals. She truly knows her industry as well as all the HIPAA compliance rules

We have worked with ACS since 2005 in both Napa and Santa Rosa. They are simply the most reliable and the best. With paperless, chartless and digital x-ray integration, you need a computer service team that knows the intracacies of the dental management software and the computer technology necessary to keep our office running. We highly recommend them.

We have been using Amy Wood and her ACS team for about 14 months now. They offer a wonderful comprehensive HIPAA service. I can phone, text or email and they respond right away. Whether it's security, the gray areas of HIPAA regulations, employee training, or breaking down cyber breach insurance coverage, there is no sweating HIPAA any longer. What a great feeling!

They are amazingly patient while giving phone support to those of us who aren't computer savvy. Any office would be lucky to have their level of expertise.

My practice experienced a significant data breach that has cost a large sum in legal fees not covered by insurance in preparation for investigation that may result in even more out of pocket costs. If I had engaged ACS's HIPAA Compliance Services earlier, I would have avoided this stressful and painful experience. We engaged both HIPAA and IT services and my staff loves the fast tech support, patient and polite staff making their IT troubles easy to fix quickly.

I use ACS Technologies, LLC to protect my computer systems and provide technical support. The monthly fee is worth every penny. I sleep soundly knowing my data is safe and secure. The best part of my coverage is the prompt, friendly, reliable support I receive when I run into hardware or software issues. No more spending hours trying fix my computer, learn software and understand internet issues. All it takes is one support ticket and help is on the way.

ACS has been great to work with since 2009. They keep my paperless office running smoothly and I can always count on them to take care of any issues promptly. I recommend ACS to anyone looking for great computer service.

ACS is the best technology company we have ever worked with. They really go out of their way to make the client happy. I highly recommend ACS.

I have had many IT personnels come and go over the 12 years that I have had in my office, and by far ACS is very knowlegable in their field. ACS has solved my computer related issues that many other IT companies could not. I am so glad to be working with experts that know what they are doing.

After purchasing an older dental practice with older systems and equipment, it was nice to have ACS come in and update my technology. Their support is great too. During the day, the last thing you want to do is track down your IT guy or try to fix your computer yourself. ACS is always there to help.

ACS is proficient with our practice software. They are able to take care of a lot of the problems we had been dealing with for months in just a few moments and that they have saved us an enormous amount of wated time and money.

Everything ACS has done for me is the best of the best.

I was recommended by another colleague to ACS for IT and email encryption. ACS is the best dental computer service team and is great to work with. ACS has been patient and responsive with phone support in resolving issues. I am very happy with ACS and would highly recommend for all your IT services and support.

ACS is A+. Their recommendations have been very appropriate for my priorities of size and style of practice - without imposing larger, more complex and expensive solutions. They are very responsible and have attended to our needs without delay. They have given us great advice and have identitifed the essential things to do to avoid problems. As a non-techie, it is reassuring to be able to reach them at any time and get oriented to how to solve a problem. I found their fees very reasonable and their attitude always positive.

I'm a general dentist in Santa Rosa and I have nine computers in my office. ACS has been awesome stewards of my computers and network since 2009. They have been proactive in telling me about potential problems and always advise me on the proper actions to take to avoid problems. They have recommended and put in place on-site and off-site backups, set us up with secure e-mail to be in compliance with HIPAA, set up a secure wireless network for my patients and staff to use, and have handled all of our day to day technical glitches in a timely manner. The fact that they know the intricacies of our dental software is also a huge advantage. If you are looking for a great company to handle your dental office computer network, look no farther than ACS.

ACS has been outstanding with merging IT services with current HIPAA compliance guidance and implementation. In today's office with computer hacking and medical identity theft on the rise, locking our front door and installing antivirus software is not enough. ACS has been instrumental in understanding which technology needs to be put in place to keep our pateint data secure. Their HIPAA complaince risk assessment helped educate our dentists and staff on how to keep the patient data secure using secure email, computer and phone use, daily office routines, and more. It has been a huge benefit to have their IT services integrated with HIPAA compliance.

ACS helped me upgrade my dated office into a paperless, modern system. In over 4 years of working with them, we've never had a minute of downtime that has affected seeing patients. More often, they notice something from remote monitoring and proactively address the issue before it becomes a true problem. They are pleasant and efficient to work with and I feel very comfortable recommending and trusting them with my networking, virus protection and system backup needs.

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